WHITINSVILLE, MASS. - This annual bike-a-thon raises more money for charity than any other single event in the country.
The cyclists started off in Sturbridge, Massachusetts on this morning at 5:30 AM, by 6:30 AM and onward, the cyclists made their way through this section of the course in Whitinsville. The two day event concludes in Cape Cod as its final destination. Funds are raised for cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
As grueling and long as this ride is, each rider came through with great enthusiasm and smiles on their faces. Each of them riding for someone. I checked out some of the team and rider profiles on the PMC webpage from some of the teams I saw., Those profiles put their mission into perspective. It puts a reason to the face. Many riders have been doing this for years and have raised a tremendous amount of money in their time. For example, Team Kermit (the team with the Kermit the Frog on their helmets) raised $378,724.91 for the 2021 PMC, and amounts even higher in previous years. Many other teams and individuals have also raised a very impressive amount of money for this cause.

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